Ramborn Ice-Cider (11% – 375ml)

25,00 TTC


Meadow Orchard Ice Cider
From 1 x 375ml Bottle
11% Alc / Vol

100% traditional cider apple varieties, grown in meadow orchards.

Made using the cryoconcentration method: the juice is frozen, separating the water so we are left with an intense, syrupy must packed full of flavour. The must is then slowly fermented over a period of several months. The residual sugar is what gives Ice Cider its signature sweetness, elegantly offset by the traditional apple varieties’ natural acidity.

Rich roasted apples on the nose, warm caramel and butterscotch. Intense taste of traditional cider apples, hints of freshly baked cookies, fudge, and a mouth-filling chewy satin texture, followed by a long, tart, fresh apple finish.

Perfect served on its own as an aperitif or dessert wine. Ice Cider also shines when paired with the right food – think rich, delicate liver or fruity, zingy blue cheese.


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