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On August 6th there will be a one-day excursion on the subject of pruning vines as part of the MonESCA project. A balanced growth is the basis for long-term healthy vines. The method according to Simonit and Sirch is a holistic approach to achieve this goal. The improved homogeneity in the plots has a balancing effect on the yield, can contribute to making the vines more resistant to climatic fluctuations and has a preventive effect regarding to ESCA, one of the most important vine damage complexes. To convince ourselves that this method can be a suitable way, we will visit the Dr. Bürklin-Wolf winery. Together with the experienced consultants of Simonit and Sirch: Lena-Maria Julier and Nikolas Juretic, we will visit different vineyards to discuss the vision behind the methods.

The excursion will provide an insight and an introduction to the method. A two-day practical workshop on the topic will follow in winter 2020/2021.

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