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Importer from France&Benelux for Penergetic, Aquakat, RayGuard, Svitec and Hydrô.

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Tocrop imports and delivers in France & Benelux innovative Swiss Ecological Transition products for Organic Farming, 100% ecological anti-limescale and anti-rust water treatment, Health, anti-food wastage, Well-being and protection against electro-magnetic waves& the 5G. Tocrop is the importer of the leading Swiss companies Ray Guard, Svitec and Penergetic.
Since May 2020, Tocrop has also been importing in Luxembourg the French hydro-alcoholic solution Hydrô, sold at the French regulated price, to contribute to the fight against the COVID 19 pandemic.

Our products :

Penergetic – Organic and bioactivation products for agriculture, gardens and green spaces
Aquakat – Anti-limestone water revitalization to recover 100% ecologically, without chemical additives, a water with all its natural properties, without lime deposits or rust.
Ray Guard – Protecting your health and your children against electromagnetic waves & 5G
Svitec – Protecting your health and your children against electromagnetic waves& 5G + restoring the energy of the body
Svitec Fridge Fresh Patch anti-food wastage – To stop food wastage
Hydrô hydro-alcoholic solution : With 75.5% ethanol, this solution is homologated virucidal against COVID19 by the WHO. The Luxembourg authorities have registered it under the registration number AEV 106_20_L.N° Poison Control Centre: MA-62741.

With our products, Tocrop enables you to improve your ecological footprint, your standard of living and your health for well-being at the office, at home, at the hotel and on the farm.