Téi vum Séi

Since 1992, herbs have been cultivated in the nature park Obersauer. As part of the LEADER initiative, the “Naturpark Kraidergenossenschaft Uewersauer” was founded in 1993 and since then the cooperative has been responsible for the culture, processing and marketing of aromatic and healing herbs. Most of the herbs used for the “Téi vum Séi” products are grown in the fields of the members of the cooperative. Others grow in the wild.

Compliance with the guidelines for the protection of nature and the environment requires a culture without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Harvesting is done by hand or machine and the herbs are immediately taken to the manufactory in Schleif where they are quickly and carefully dried at low temperature in modern and technical facilities to preserve their valuable components and natural colour.

Today the “Téi vum Séi” products are available everywhere in Luxembourg, among others in the shop “Buttik vum Séi” in Heiderscheid, in many supermarkets, hotels, cafés and restaurants, as well as on the online platform Letzshop. lu.