Summertime is barbecue time –  needless to say with pork meat labelled Marque nationale.

Discover the variety of barbecue specialities to be enjoyed by young and old, which your butcher or supermarket has prepared for you with passion and know-how. A lean tender piece of fillet or rather a hearty, juicy neck steak? There is something available for every barbecue taste.

Marque national pork meat,

  • Produced and processed in Luxembourg, because identity and regionality matter
  • Short transport distances which benefit the animal welfare and environment
  • Balanced, natural feed ratios for excellent taste
  • Transparency and traceability – from stable to table
  • Extensive controls to guarantee safe and tasty food – your confidence matters
  • Tradition, innovation and passion – our butchers are masters of their art
Fresh meat, ham and sausage specialities labelled  Marque nationale …
                                                                                              … quality at its best !!!

Delicious barbecue recipes from Ben Péporté

Pork chop

Bifana Wrap