The school of natural and agricultural sciences!

Natural sciences in general are the common denominator of the education offered at the LTA. Biology, physics, chemistry, as well as mathematics, form the basis of the education in our school. Many of the vocational training courses are related to the field of applied agricultural sciences.

Such are the vocational training in the fields of agriculture, horticulture, forestry & environment as well as mechatronics. In addition to the training for agricultural and construction machinery mechatronics engineers, we offer to technically interested students the opportunity to train for commercial vehicle mechatronics engineers.

The LTA enables to pupils interested in natural sciences to obtain a general high school degree in the “sciences naturelles” section. After primary school, pupils can enrol in a 7G (septième générale), since we also offer an education at the lower classes (7ème- 5ème) of general secondary education. The various pedagogical offers and the rather small school size facilitate the transition from primary to secondary school.

Another noteworthy aspect of our school are the projects “Mathematics in German coupled with more varied French lessons” and “one2one (iPad) classes” which are available at the lower classes.