The purpose of the Association named “Lëtzebuerger Landjugend a Jongbaueren” (Luxembourg’s rural youth and young farmers) is to group together regional associations (see chart below) pursuing the same objective, which is to provide guidance to young people in rural areas with a view to developing their personal capacities on a professional, social and cultural level and to encourage their commitment in the field of humanitarian action and development cooperation, through the association “Lëtzebuerger Landjugend a Jongbaueren – Service Coopération a.s.b.l.” (LLJ – Service Coopération a.s.b.l.).

The Association also aims to promote the values, ideas and objectives of its members, aiming in particular at a moral, financial and/or professional commitment of young people – regardless of their place of residence – in the fields of agriculture and viticulture, rural development and development aid by means of publications, participation in fairs and exchanges, fund-raising for the financing of projects both in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and abroad and any other means of awareness raising or support in general.

It still strives to defend the professional interests of its members and to represent these interests before national and international authorities. (…)

In general, the Association may directly or indirectly carry out any other activities it deems useful for the achievement of its corporate purpose.