The Fédération Saint-Hubert des Chasseurs du Luxembourg is a non-profit association which currently has about 2,200 members, of which about 1,650 have a hunting licence. It is officially recognised as an organisation for the protection of nature.

Our federation is composed as follows:

a 15-member board of directors
a Central Committee, which brings together the Steering Committee and the delegates of the 16 Sections
The aim of our association is to promote and foster by all legal means the interests of hunting and hunters in a spirit of sound hunting concepts, ethical and respectful of nature conservation.

Our missions are among others

the regulation of the game population
prevention of game damage in forestry and agriculture
ecological reasons (e.g., fighting an epidemic)
the social aspect
In addition, we are present at various events throughout the year (e.g. the Agricultural Fair in Ettelbruck) with our mobile educational trail. In this way, we try to introduce children as well as adults to the flora and fauna of our regions by means of stuffed animals, posters, brochures and many others.

Our head office with offices, meeting room, workshop, etc. is located in Mertzig.

We are at your disposal for further information.