In Ehnen, there are about twenty active winegrowers, including six independent winegrowers. The Domaine Viticole Häremillen is one of them. Founded in 1988 by the Mannes-Kieffer family, it initially occupied the abandoned buildings of the old mill in Ehnen. Hence its name. It is an old watermill which was used to produce flour for the entire region. The name originates from Trier and is said to be derived from the ‘Domherrenmühle’, which belonged to the Grand Chapter of Trier until the French Revolution.
“It is quite rare not to give the estate the name of the family that owns it. Here, the aim was to enhance the value of the estate.”
In 1996, a new, modern and functional cellar was built a few hundred meters from the mill. Equipped with modern winemaking equipment, the new building has stainless steel vats with a cooling system that allows the thermo-regulated fermentation of the musts and guarantees, at the same time, maximum conservation of the natural aromas of the different grape varieties.
The large vaulted cellar of the old mill site, with its natural rock floor, houses the oak barrels used mainly for the ageing of Pinot Noir grapes vinified into red wine. The mill building itself has undergone major restoration work. Since 2005, it is here that the estate’s wines have been tasted. The only witness to this is the old mechanism attached to the water wheel, the last vestige of intense human activity.
Tasting in our cellars
The combination of respect for tradition and natural elements and the taste for progress, omnipresent in the work of the vineyard and the winemaking process – you will also find it in the winery.
Tastings take place at the mill, the former property of the Trier Domkapitel (Domherrenmühle), in front of the old milling machine with its barrel cellar in the courtyard, on a natural rock floor.
The impressively renovated waterwheel and the wide roofs covered with photovoltaic panels are used for the production of renewable energy.
A few steps away, you can also visit the new production cellar with its modern equipment, the thermo-regulated stainless steel vats, as well as the production and packaging facilities for the famous crémant. It is here that you can always taste a specific wine and where the wine removal is carried out.