25 years of BEO farmers’ initiative

Natur puer vun der Our

25 years ago the agricultural initiative for the Ösling and the Our nature park (BEO) was founded.

Its objectives were and still are:

  • The representation and defence of agricultural interests in the Our nature park
  • Improving the image of local agriculture
  • Improving income through the creation of local niche products
  • The foundation of small agricultural associations

Up to now, we have four associations that produce, develop and market regional niche products:

Beola – Ueliggenossenschaft Éisleck an Naturpark Ourdall

The first association founded in this framework in 1997.


BEOLA produces five different vegetable oils by first cold pressure from rapeseed, sunflower, hemp, flax and poppy seeds. The six varieties of buckwheat pasta, one of which is gluten-free, as well as the brand new range of gluten-free seeds and flours are also very popular.

Contact: beola@beo.lu


Is a cooperative society founded in 1999.

It produces six different tastes of “Ourdaller” Mustard based exclusively on seeds originating from the Our natural park. The mustard is sweetened only with honey supplied by the beekeepers of the canton of Clervaux.

The Ourdaller company is also responsible for the marketing and distribution of all “Ourdaller” products.

Contact: cohaff@pt.lu

Ourdaller Hunneggemeinschaft

Founded in 2009 in good collaboration with the Beekeepers of the Canton of Clervaux.

This collaboration allows local beekeepers to sell their excellent quality honey in Luxembourgish shops under a common regional brand.

Contact: schankl@pt.lu


Cannad’Our was founded in 2013 to develop and market products made from hemp flowers.

The four varieties of infusions as well as the wide variety of hemp extracts for human and animal consumption are appreciated far beyond the borders.

Contact: eilenben@pt.lu