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Today, more than ever before, agriculture is confronted with a variety of requirements. The basic task of agricultural enterprises, the production of high-quality food, has long since ceased to be the sole task of an agricultural enterprise. The wealth of demands placed on agriculture by the state and society is becoming increasingly complex and demands a high degree of flexibility and responsibility from farm managers. We at Agro-Projekt have been accompanying these developments in agriculture since 1959, when the main task was to ensure the food supply for a rapidly growing population, but today a whole potpourri of other tasks is added with landscape and environmental protection, energy production and the preservation of the rural area. We have always supported all these developments with our consulting services. In addition to the direct advice on stable construction on the farms, we have created an independent, loyal companion of the Luxembourg agriculture with the agricultural trade newspaper ALCOVIT, which helps the professional public to keep up to date with the latest developments in agriculture. Furthermore, our regular study trips to all parts of the world have already enabled many participants to discover new ideas for their farm.
We at Agro-Project see it as our responsibility to continue to stand by the side of agriculture in the future and help to ensure that the agricultural sector in Luxembourg has a future.

Further information is available at: www.agro-projekt.lu