Cleaning of waste bins

Since 1990 we have been taking care of the waste disposal room, with our specialised staff and our state-of-the-art trucks we are committed to making the waste disposal experience well organised and clean.

Why is that?

Are your bins / containers dirty? Do they emit unpleasant odours? Do parasites and bacteria reproduce there?

Who are they for?

Private individuals: No worries, we offer our service in most of the country.

Residents of buildings: Ask your building manager to contact us!

Companies: We work for many restaurants, nurseries, shops and office buildings.

Municipalities: We cooperate with a large number of municipalities to provide our services to citizens.

How often?

Take advantage of our 12 cleanings/year subscriptions or contact us if you need a more flexible solution.

How does it work?

When you register, you will receive the schedule of our services and an Ady’s sticker to stick on the relevant bin.

The passage days correspond to the waste removal days, so you will just have to leave your bin in front of the door for a longer period of time and our truck will come by for cleaning.