• slaughterhouse

Under the European Union approval number L3CE (Ettelbrück), the Ettelbrück Slaughterhouse now has several modern battle streets:

  • For cattle
  • For pigs and piglets

Particular attention is paid to animal welfare and slaughter techniques

The slaughterhouse also carries out a number of other activities:

  • Cutting and boning meat;
  • Wholesale meat, including poultry, sausages and sausages;
  • A butcher shop for end users;
  • Sale of general food products, machinery and accessories for butchers

Finally, the logistics centre and the fleet of 18 refrigerated transporters allow meat to be delivered under optimal conditions to customers throughout the country and the greater region.

  • butcher’s shop

The Ettelbruck Slaughterhouse’s artisanal butcher’s shop is ultramodern and conforms to strict HACCP standards; it has become an institution for lovers of top quality meat products.

A professional and competent team is at your service and makes sure to offer you an irreproachable quality. It offers hearty beef of the Produit du Terroir brand and pork of the National Brand.

You will also find: Luxembourg sausages, seasonal products as well as a special “Holiday season” assortment or grilled plates all made in our butcher’s shop. Our whole range of barbecues is gluten-free and lactose-free.

Parking directly in front of the entrance.

We also offer a range of products for dogs and cats.

  • Professional shop

Our shop is open to all professionals in the restaurant and food trade.

Here you will find a wide range of high-quality machines, accessories and utensils for butchers and companies in the catering sector, as well as a wide range of food for preparing your dishes (canned vegetables, spices, herbs, etc.).